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©April 2001

Carol Jane Remsburg



You Are Sensational




Many years ago, 1956 to be precise, there was a movie made that totally bowled me over.  I wasn't even born when the movie was made—yet once I found it I fell in love with it.  It's a comedy, a romance, and a musical all rolled into one.  Why do I love it so much?  A few years ago I would have told you that just because old "Bing" was in it that was enough to qualify itself as a "fav," but that's not exactly why.  It's just because it all comes together so nicely and the good guy wins and it's sweet.  Yes, it is a movie back when life was portrayed as "sweet" and the good guy always won.  No matter what, this movie is still dear to my heart and I've paid dear just to get the bloody sound track—getting the movie is cheaper.  I've nearly worn the movie itself out.


If you were to rent or purchase this "cute" little movie and rush home to view it—don't do it alone.  If you do this, then you'll be looking around for a friend to nudge or elbow to see if "they saw what you did."s  This movie teases and cajoles.  Believe it or not, it's a "sexy" flick without being so overtly.  Back then, in those bold years of the fifty's, it was that men would bare their soles and profess their undying devotion.  It didn't play down the tension between a man and a woman yet it raised the stakes and heightened it all.  It's a lovely interchange.


So just why did I spend almost $40 to get that soundtrack of the movie—along with "Pal Joey" and "Gigi?"  I just wanted to get "Little One" and "Samantha" from the movie.  I'd already scoured the Internet to get "Well, Did You Evah?" recorded with both Bing and Frank, but I just had to have "Little One."  I hate to say it, but it makes me cry every time—because I always felt I was the little one that would have sacrificed myself for my sister just for Dexter.  Oh hell!  Consider I was born in '60 so I was "Little One" who would have salvaged that sinking boat anyway any way I knew how. 


Years have passed.  I don't wanna be the little one any more.  I'd much prefer to be "Tracy Samantha."  Who wouldn't want to be Grace Kelly as she became the most sought after woman in all of Connecticut's blue-blooded arena?  The boat, True Love, would be a dream to sail upon that would and could carry me right away from everything I don't want to deal with.


Why do I drone on about this movie?  Well, I have a few others I adore like "Arsenic and Old Lace" and a few others, yet I have to say even beyond "Gone With The Wind" this little movie is hands down my favorite just because it's so much fun.  Go ahead, view it, sing the songs, and be silly.  Then realize the bottom line.  Feel exalted, wanted, adored, and then realize that we are all the same. 


The 50's weren't all that long ago and we really aren't all that different outside of the shells and armor we don.  Go have some fun and realize that even in our little lives we can have that aura of luster, laughter, and love.  Yes, we are sensational—that's all.


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