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©May 2001

Carol Jane Remsburg



The Weekend Barbecue















The season does begin with a bang on Memorial Day weekend.  Many have forgotten what the holiday is all about.  It IS to remember all those that have fought and died so that we remain free to live as we might.  It is also a time to rejoice.  We do this often in the most casual of ways not always with the parades or ceremonies but with our families and friends.  We do this by the gathering together of our loved ones.


It has become a celebration of many things—not just the memorial for our veterans.  We end up celebrating spring, new life, and the rediscovery of how much we love life.  We do this with the first annual backyard barbecue! 


This year I didn't host it.  I didn't even want to.  My sister had moved near Christmas-time and everything stayed up in the air for months and months and had yet host anything.  So, she was ready and the party was on!


I was freed to be the resident "busybody and all-around helper at the grill and sink" but wasn't truly in charge of anything outside of making vast quantities of "Mom's" potato salad and brings enough hotdogs and rolls to feed a battalion or three. 


We arrived early and got to watch others arrive.  The volleyball net was erected and the young ones, the little ones, and the elder teens all saw action with the ball and net.  Meanwhile there were pick-up games of hide-n-seek, and the ever favorite "try-to-out-run-the dog." 















The soon to be mother in-law's embraced amid more smiles.


Time was spent over the games, giggles, and gossip.  Then it was time for food.  Sis, Bets, had just gotten her first gas grill after decades with the charcoal variety and it was still new to her.  Blackened hotdogs anyone?  I turned up but wasn't quick enough to save all of them before the chicken was laid out.  The chicken I stood watch over and babied and marinated and such until I knew they too wouldn't go up in flames.


Finally, all the burgers, dogs, and chicken were served up and chowed down.  Then it was time for a few more pix.  One niece, my eldest, decided she would "pose" for me reclining upon a tree.  Were any of us really twenty-one?  Well she is and delightfully so.  She was astounded at the results and laughed so hard I thought she'd bust a gut.  High fashion glossies can't be this difficult.










Finally, it was time to go home.  Amid the smiles, hugs, and laughter, we made our exit.  The party would continue without us.  It was the first of the season with more to come. 








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