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On Becoming a Stalker


Have you ever met someone online that was totally unique, an undiscovered talent that simply blew you away?  Well, I did, I kinda stumbled over her.  Her name is Sherri Bailey, her site is:


But then she’s also in collaboration with the other two, “non-Ermas” with:, another crazy place for three very funny women, and as much as I enjoy Ry and KK, Sher is the entire lead of the entire ensemble.  I can’t help it.


From the first time I read Sher and all of her writings, I knew she was gold.  When she began ‘vlogging’ a few months ago, it only solidified what I already knew.  Sherri Bailey WILL be famous one day.  I’m glad I found her, have so enjoyed being a shadow part of her life, being a cheerleader and encouraging her, but she’s found her wings.  All I can do now is weigh her down, pester her and bother her.


Bless her heart, she’s sweet and wonderful, but I have to be getting more than a tad annoying.  It’s time I stepped back and let the people who can really help her do that.  Cloying is annoying in the best of circumstances.


Just know I love ya Sher, my best to ya.


Your fav stalker, signing out and off.