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©October 2002

Carol Jane Remsburg




An Ocean City Surprise










It was a weekend I'd looked forward to for months.  This was a getaway for about 24 hours from work, from family, from husband and child.  I spent money and lots of time in the preparation for this escape while working especially hard to make my leave-taking easy on my husband and child.  Besides, I was ready to party.


This was to be a GIRL'S NIGHT OUT which meant all the ladies I had invited to stay over and enjoy an evening out ought to be ready to party too.  I was bringing the sins of junk food and appetizers AND lots of booze.  I was looking forward to the hot tub at midnight, lots of laughter, good conversation, and maybe even some real gossip.  I spent Saturday toiling around the house scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, and getting the laundry done.  That day nor the next, I wasn't making a dinner.  Don and Erin would have to work it out on their own. 


Finally by 3 PM it was time to get ready; I hit the showers, packed my bags, fixed my hair and makeup, kissed my daughter goodbye and hit the road.  I made a brief stop to finish the last of my shopping before arriving at the condo to kick back and relax.  I'd been running hard since 5:30 AM and felt I deserved some fun so I ignored that feeling of exhaustion and pushed it back.  I thought a few drinks might perk me up, so I set my cap towards that thought—AND WORKED at it.


Hubby met me at the condo, already upset that the hot tub in the unit was leaking—badly, and was cold.  So, they cleaned it that day and it takes 12 hours to properly heat.  Whatever . . . I thought it might be quicker than that.


Before I even began to unload my vehicle of all I was bringing, my first guest arrived.  We were meeting for the first time.  It was "Daisy" a lovely lady who also needed a break that I had corresponded with for a long time.  "Lushy," another dear friend arrived shortly afterward.  We all got to inspect my condo together.  A few other ladies were to arrive later but only one did.


We tossed our suitcases aside and began chatting while mixing up mudslides.  And while we bemoaned the fact that the hot tub wasn't "hot" yet, we kept hoping it would soon.


The gossip was flowing and I tossed the pizza egg-rolls in the oven with the mozzarella sticks while nuking the hot wings.  The chips and pretzels we were already working.  We munched, we drank, and we talked for almost two hours—then it was only 7 PM.  Before 8 PM I'd already had two calls from my daughter, then one from my sister who I ought to have invited yet thought she wouldn't have enjoyed.  And finally one of my missing friends called to say she was lost and I took my cell phone and began walking around the parking lot to lead her in.


How did the evening roll out?  Daisy and Lushy had driven hours to get there and I had slaved all day at home—we wilted.  We ended up being couch potatoes and watching television.  We watched three movies before we all decided to cash it in and go to bed.


I don't know about the other two but sleeping came hard for me.  The last time I'd slept not in my own bed had been years back, for one night on a company-sponsored trip.  I slept a total of 2 hours and that was fitful.  It was the same all over again.  There were no cats to fight for space and no snoring hubby.  There was no claustrophobic space to mentally fight against—for I was in an expansive room with a king sized bed all to myself.  It was EMPTY in there.  What's not to love? 


It was clean and big and, err, well sterile.  These weren't my own four walls nor my own bed.  Besides, this one creaked.  Turning over was noisy so I did that with care—many times.  I ended up watching the clock.  At about 5:30 AM I couldn't hang on and drifted off, then it was 7:43 AM and I heard rustlings from the other rooms.  I couldn't wait to get up, get a smoke and some coffee.  Maybe all that AND a hot shower . . .


Lushy and I got the coffee, donuts, and bagels—when we got back and chatted a bit, we found out the hot tub was now HOT.  So Daisy and Lushy enjoyed it.  Me, I was watching the clock.  Darling daughter would arrive soon for her dip in the indoor pool and the hot tub.  Somehow I was missing her more than I thought I would.  At twelve she's got a mouth I'd like to see shut more than it's open, but then that's motherhood for you.


After a brief foray of feeding the seagulls the previous night's leftovers while "Lushy" and "Daisy" enjoyed the hot tub, Lushy packed up and left us for home.  It was a few hours ride.  Daisy decided she wanted to linger a bit for a dip in the indoor pool and sauna as Erin had arrived and we played in the pool and then back to the condo to the hot tub.


Erin fed our remainder of our breakfast and the pretzels and chips to the gulls who were enthusiastic feeders.  Erin wanted more to feed them while I was thinking about packing up and going home.  Somehow this small adventure had exhausted me more than I thought it would.  Meanwhile, Daisy packed up for a short shopping trip into OC before heading home. 


I felt awful.  "Daisy & Lushy" had come to visit me and I had been a party pooper.  It definitely wouldn't ever be an event to remember, simply because all of us were tired—even though we gave it a game face. 


Yet Erin was thrilled to be at the condo with that hot tub with all the bubbles while we enjoyed it and tickled and played.  Still, she was ready to feed the gulls anything and everything.  Before starting the dishwasher, I opted to cook up the rest of the goodies I'd brought that we never finished the night before.  While the food was cooking, I partook of the Jacuzzi, another delight I'd never enjoyed.  Erin thought it was neat but didn't want to try it.  After the pool and the hot tub, both of us were left with that 'pruney' skin.  Eww!


Finally, we packed it all up and took some time to really feed the gulls.  Ocean City, MD seagulls have zero in the way of manners.  They are loud, pushy, and incredibly hungry.  So we fed them, and fed them, and laughed, and fed them some more.


The funny thing is, as much as you can plan to have a good time, or a party, or whatever, sometimes it's the little things that catch you short.  As much as I enjoyed meeting and chatting with "Lushy" and "Daisy" the best moments of that 24 hours was spent feeding the gulls with Erin. 


Motherhood isn't a separate institution from ourselves.  I guess sometimes it takes that moment, that surprise to allow us to actually see it, live it, and enjoy it for what it is.


Meanwhile, I'm sure "Daisy" and "Lushy" arrived home tired too.  Me?  I opted out, unpacked, began another load of laundry that never ends.  I curled up in my missed bed with my daughter and we watched movies until we cried. 


It was a good weekend.




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