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İMay 2004

Carol Jane Remsburg




A Merry Day in May




It's a rare day when Spring explodes upon the landscape that you actually get to enjoy it without any pending household chores, trips to the store, or deep worries by the score.  Nope, today it all fell into place.  It's the first Sunday in May and while the weather holds a promise of possible evening thunderstorms and early this morning the countryside was a bit misty and cool, the sun has had flashes of brilliance as if smiling satisfaction upon the greening of the landscape.


It was a morning for leisurely enjoyed coffee richly mixed with the cream and a slow study of the Sunday paper.  The birds were busy with their early morning songs and an early hummingbird buzzed by the screen on the porch letting us know we were late setting up their feeders.  It didn't take hubby long to ready the nectar in the feeders and set them into place.  Perfect mornings like this are such gems that they stay in your memory for months, sometimes years. 


By late morning there was a short visit trip to my sister's house for conversation and then back home again.  All the kitties were snoozing and hubby had retired to the drama that is NASCAR.  Many flowers are still in the busy stage of their coming entrance but not ready for stage cue, the trees are the ones now commanding center stage.  With their heralding heights they demand the attention they deserve.  The fresh blossoms of greening leaves now adorn their nakedness.  The trees are eager to flaunt their display of new clothing.


As we rush about our work-a-day world or zone out with the television playing to us, we often miss the fresh wonder of each season.  The seasonal change has become routine for so many of us that we tend to miss the sheer wonder of it all.  Whether we sit on the back porch or beneath the shade of a towering tree catching the balmy breezes and listening to all manner of busy birds and bees, this is the time to enjoy.  It's time to tap into the adrenaline of the season.  The season's renewal affects us as well.  The time to revv our internal engines is at hand.  We will spring-clean the house, make the repairs that winter ravaged, and design new ideas, new plans, and new destinations.


Come Spring, everything old becomes new again.  It's time to include ourselves and enjoy this brief time of fresh promise.



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