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©November 2002

Carol Jane Remsburg



A Day for Veterans







Because of our veterans I could get up this morning and take in this view.


That one sentence really says it all yet I think we all ought to stop and think about what today means especially post 9/11, one year and two months into the aftermath.Today is November 11th, 2002.


It's our military that has provided us our safety for so long that when 9/11 happened we were shocked by it.We shouldn't be, I grant you, for there is no truly safe place from terrorism.Since last year there has been an enormous swell in patriotism and lots of flag waving, most of it done by those who don't know about wars and hardships and fearómyself included.But I do know some who have served their time and honored our country, my husband, my father, my father-in-law, my uncle and each of his sons have all served to maintain our safety and our freedom at home.


This morning has also been unusual in the weather.The brilliance of autumn is normally past by now yet is in its glory today.The temperature is 73o degrees and breezy; brief showers of rain so like weeping for the forgotten as thunder rumbles in the distance.Could it be that even angels shed sad, bitter tears?


Yes, we wake most mornings with agendas over our own self-importance and moan about how hard we work and about how there is no time left at the end of our days to rest or play much.We gripe about how much money we make or don't.We complain about our health, our bills, the weather, and politics.We whine about our spouses, our relatives, and sometimes even our neighbors.We even will carp on end about how there is too much or too little drama in our lives.How rarely are we reflective on how blessed we really are?Not often enough I think for any of us.


Veteran's Day is a national holiday in America.Being a national holiday most banks, government offices, the US postal service, and some businesses are closed.The strange part is it seems that most veterans are the ones who don't get this day off.I feel everyone granted this holiday not use it as a free "Get-Out-Of-Work" day, but as a time of remembrance and to honor all who have served for our freedom.In the UK, Canada, and Australia they call it "Remembrance Day."This, I feel, is a more apt term because it requires something from each of us.


Today, veterans and their families around the world will gather in memorials.Veterans do remember and don't scoff at this day, yet somehow they've got to wonder if the rest of us have any true sense of appreciation of their efforts in preserving our freedoms.All too often if something doesn't affect us on a personal level then we cannot know.


Oh, we can watch movies.Oh yeah, sure we can.So many have been made and too many have glossed over so much.The old movies were great like THE LONGEST DAY, THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE, MIDWAY, and the like but they give little sense of the real horror of war.Recent movies offer a glimmer more such as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and WE WERE SOLDIERS.But for those who haven't been there, we still cannot know what it was like.


And since we cannot know, perhaps it would be better if we tried to think about how are lives would be without our military.What would are lives be like?Would we live in large work camps just grateful for a crust of bread at days end?Dependent upon our race or beliefs, would some of us still be here at all?What would are complaints be then?


I am taking today to be thankful and remember.I'm hoping you will too.





Thank you Daddy and Uncle Bob.




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